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Ida AlcantaraIda Alcantara 

Trailhead: Getting started with the Platform: 1st Challenge

Hi, when working withing Trailhead 1st challenge an error message pops up when I click the "login to take challenge" button. When the 2nd dialogue box pops up and you click the "login with Salesfore account" button I am then taken to another window where I am logged in however, a message states that URL No Longer Exists, appears.
ryg sinryg sin
Even I am getting the same error.  Is there an issue with the site?
Alaina D. HebertAlaina D. Hebert
I'm getting this also.
Alaina D. HebertAlaina D. Hebert
After I looked at this more I found that I had my employee and developer account. Once I logged out of everything and then only logged in as developer I was able to get this to work.  I feel like I am missing something and should be able to combine the accounts but this owrks for now.
Jason Curtis NBSFDGJason Curtis NBSFDG
Session management in the same browser between different orgs can be a headache, you might want to just do your dev org in a separate browser (I use Chrome for my work org, Firefox for dev org), or there are some tools. There is a good extension on for Chrome called Force.com Logins that allows you to juggle between multiple orgs (as a partner I've got dozens that we use for development and testing, can get complicated):