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Robin SomervilleRobin Somerville 

Communities Visualforce Page Not Displaying

We have an active community with a visualforce page with the following code:

<apex:page >
<flow:interview name="New_User_Flow"/>

When you navigate to this page within the community: https://XXX.force.com/New_User_Flow it shows error:

https://XXX.force.com is down for maintenance Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back shortly. Please email us if you need to get in touch.

This visualforce page has been added under "Public Access Settings" for the community profile (Community > Admin > Pages > Go to Force.com).

How can we make this page accessible? It should display a flow as per visualforce page.
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Robin,

In order for a Community user to see a Visualforce page, two things have to happen. First, the page has to be exposed to the Community, this is done from: Communities > Manage Communities > Force.com > Public Access Settings > Enable Visualforce Page Access

Second, the page has to be exposed to the profile of the community user, this is done from: Setup > Manage Users > Profile > Click on Profile Name > Visualforce Page Access

Best Regards
Naga Kiran
Robin SomervilleRobin Somerville
Hi Naga, both of those things have been done. Note - the page is being loaded when a user clicks "Not a member" on the community login page. It should be a public page and therefore I think only the "Public access settings" are relevant. Either way, the customer community user profile has the page added.