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Ray Zhao 3Ray Zhao 3 

what is the navBack URL parameter for?


Any one knows what that navBack parameter is?  How to decode it to the readable format?  I am almost sure it has the information of going back to the previous page, but not too sure how to use it.  Any help?  Thanks in advance!
Ekaterina Zybkina-WeedonEkaterina Zybkina-Weedon

Salesforce support was less than useless in assistance with the "back to search results" replication for custom template rendering of articles (which i suspect is something you were working on at the time). they in fact told me, and i quote:

With regard to your concern, we do apologize but we are not familiar on how to replicate the 'Go Back' functionality on a visualforce page.

So i created an idea to get them familiar with the concept. Please feel free to upvote and comment your use cases: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000LrXNQA0