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​How does Community Cloud work with Force.com?

What standard and cusom objects are affected?   
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Justin,

Salesforce.com is built on the Force.com platform - they are more or less interchangeable from a technical standpoint. It's a mere matter of marketing semantics. Force.com applies to the infrastructure and codebase that is the foundation for the entire Salesforce solution. They are enforcing the Force.com concept more so because Salesforce can do so much more than CRM nowadays.

Secondly, regarding the functionality situation. In this case I think you are referring to the Force.com Edition in comparison to the standard Salesforce.com Editions (Professional, Enterprise, etc.). In this case, yes there is a difference. The Force.com Edition (or Platform Edition, depending on the marketing materials you have in hand, what day of the week it is and whether or not your sneakers have green stripes) is a standard Enterprise Edition (if you buy in conjunction with a full Enterprise Edition) minus the CRM functionality - so no Leads, Opportunities, etc. (as far as I know). This Platform Edition is aimed at providing customers with the "platform" on which to build custom applications - for companies that do not so much use Salesforce for the CRM.

And lastly, regarding the Developer Edition accounts you created with interests in Salesforce.com customization and Force.com platform - again, just another marketing ploy. Salesforce uses the preferences you set to send you more targeted information via email regarding the topics of interest to you.

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Naga Kiran
Luboslava NovotnaLuboslava Novotna
It is very clear and straightforward explanation.
I would only add, that Force.com Enterprise Edition Licences for Standard Users and Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition for Administrators would provide a basic Contact Management functionality, including 5 Dynamic Dashboards.  For middle-size companies that use Marketing Automation software for lead management, mass mailing and digital marketing (f.e. SalesForce Pardot), and do not need to use standard Opportunity Tracking, Territory Management, Web-To-Lead Capture, Order Managment, Real-Time Quotes, Collaborative Forecasting, and Sales Console and Approval Automation (only Enterprice Edition), Force.com subscription is cost-effective solution without overpay or overkill ( $300/ User/ Year for Force.com License vs. $1500/User/Year before any discount). And more, with Force.com you can develop up to 5 Custom Applications  and 200 Custom OBjects that would be tailored to your company specific sales processes.
More details regarding the Force.com at http://www2.sfdcstatic.com/assets/pdf/misc/DS_Force_Pricing_Comparison.pdf?d=70130000000lzSrAAI.

Thanks for your responses.  I think the short answer is my sales rep said I need to purchase at least 1 regular salesforce license in order to get the community cloud.  Does that sound correct?
Hi Justin,

Salesforce Community Cloud is an online collaboration and business process platform that connects employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors. Organizations can create fully branded public or private communities that connect members directly with one another — and with relevant content, data, and business processes. Community Cloud is the only community platform that combines the power of social with mobile participation, trusted security, fast deployment, and a direct connection to business processes.