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Varun ChopraVarun Chopra 

Task Trigger issue in subscriber org


I am facing two very weired issues.

1. I have created a triiger on task (before insert, before update) event.
In which I am assigning who Id to task on the basis of what Id. Code is working fine in the dev org. But the issue is when when I am doploying package in subscriber orgs, it is working in some orgs, bt not for all.
I can see Who Id value in the developer org in the (after insert, after update ) task, but In the salesforce UI who Id is not linked to the task.

2.  In case of before update of task trigger I am storing task Id's in a set .  The same issue like above I am facing here. i.e. for some orgs it is working perfectly fine while others a blank set is created in the develpoer console.

Please help.
Thanks In advance !!!
Jim RaeJim Rae
Can you post the code?  The orgs where it does not work, what type are they?