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Cristy Acosta 9Cristy Acosta 9 

Trailhead Error that I don't know how to fix under SHARING AND NOTIFICATIONS in the REPORTS & DASHBOARDS MODULE

I'm getting the error of "The dashboard snapshot post to Chatter was not found."   I am attaching a screenshot of my snapshot post on Chatter.Screenshot of snapshot post on Chatter

I enabled feed tracking by customizing Chatter for the dashboard and the report.  I also followed the dashboard by clicking on FOLLOW at the top of the dashboard page displaying my Opporty's by Type dashboard page.  I also shared it to all of my followers.

What am I doing wrong?


Cristy Acosta 9Cristy Acosta 9
NEVER MIND!  I figured it out by myself!  I still needed to post the snapshot to the dashboard feed.
Ganesh DakshinamoorthyGanesh Dakshinamoorthy
Hi, can you explain in detail about the last point. Still i am facing the same issue