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prasanth kumarprasanth kumar 

need self rollup summary please help

 Actually i dont know what to do here to achive my logic.

my required condition is ,  there is a course in COURSE__C object, we need 2 values to perfoam reqiored operation,  

1) Total_no_of_seats__C  (i am giving it as 60)   no problem at here.
2)Total_students_booked_seats_upto_now( i need this) 

because i need to write some validation rule at student_registration_for_new couse....  please help

validation rule at student__C object is

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Jason BealJason Beal
Where do you track the students who have registered for a course? Is this another custom object?
Assuming that you have the requied logic in place on Course object, you should not able to save the student record once the values on Course object equals. So your criteria should be  Course__r.Course_Intake_Strength__c <=  Course__r.Registered_Strength__c