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Kara FiechterKara Fiechter 

Captcha in a Web-to-Lead Form

I am trying to add a captcha to my web to lead form in my website to get rid of spam. I haven't found a way that I can get saleforce to recoginze the lead, and for the captcha to work. Any ideas? 
Hi Kara,
Web to lead to is just a form post, you would have to build something on your site to validate the CAPTCHA  and submit the form.


For CAPTCHA on Force.com site see this link :https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Adding_CAPTCHA_to_Force.com_Sites

For your web to lead you would have to build similar capabilites client side to validate and submit.
Fahad Akhtar
The reCAPTCHA is available on web-to-lead form now. You can follow the below blog.
Benjamin OakesBenjamin Oakes
I see the v2 reCAPTCHA on my form, but it is not required to click the box to submit the form.  How can I make the reCAPTCHA required?