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Amit GoyalAmit Goyal 

Dynamic Binding in StandardController on VisualForce Page

Like we could bind the fields of some object through DescribeSchema or FieldSet, Could we bind the StandardController dynamically?
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Amit GoyalAmit Goyal
Hi Amit Chaudhary,

Thanks for your reply.
My Question is, on Visualforce Page could we Assign object in StandardController dynamically, if I want to create any Inline VF Page for any parent object to Child than is it possible. I know how to use Fieldset and using Dynamic SOQL.


Amit Goyal

May be Dynamic Visualforce Binding can be used, refer the link below. 

Amit GoyalAmit Goyal
Hi Vamsi,

No, This will not work, I have already tried it.

My Scenario is:
I have a Junction Object C, we have related list of Object C on the parent object A and Object B.
I need to display Inline VF Page for that because I want to display the list of Object C with Content [Which is a Child object of Object C]
I want to display the list of Object C with a column for Link To File to provide link to view the related content document directly from the Linline VF Page like "View Document1", "View Document2".

So for this I have used 2 Pages, 1 Component and 1 Apex Controller. If we could bind the StandardController dynamically that I could achieve this task by 1 VF Page and 1 Apex Controller.

There is one more challenge if we could bind the StandardController dynamically, Will the page be displayed on the related object [Object A and Object B], so that we could dispaly the page as Inline on the Detail Page of Object A and Object B.

Amit Goyal