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Shree KShree K 

Is it possible to delete or abort the time based workflow action that has been set which is in the middle of the Que

lets assume a time based workflow rule is set and activated on time based actions 
for Eg:sending an email containing birthday wishes to  3 users based on their birth dates 8/8/2015,8/9/2015 and 8/10/2015.
Now is it possible to go back,deactivate and delete one of them which is in the middle of the Que i.e the times based workflow action which was set for (8/9/2015).
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
First you need to remove all schedule action from Time-Based Workflow (Monitor) que . Then you can deactivate or delete the workflow
Setup->Monitor-->Time-Based Workflow--> Then search record and delete
Yes, all pending actions to be triggered on a future date appear in the Workflow Queue. Here's how System administrators can view and manage the queue: Go to Setup | Customize | Monitor | Time-Based Workflow and delete the action which you don't want to fire

To view pending actions:

1. From Setup, click Monitoring | Time-Based Workflow.
2. Click Search to view all pending actions for any active workflow rules, or set the filter criteria and click Search to view only the pending actions that match the criteria. The filter options are:

Workflow Rule Name: The name of the workflow rule.
Object: The object that triggered the workflow rule. Enter the object name in the singular form.
Scheduled Date: The date the pending actions are scheduled to occur.
Create Date: The date the record that triggered the workflow was created.
Created By: The user who created the record that triggered the workflow rule.
Record Name: The name of the record that triggered the workflow rule.

To cancel pending actions:
Select the box next to the pending actions you want to cancel.
Click Delete.
Nazrul AminNazrul Amin
Hi Guys,
Any idea if the above is possible to be done in an automated way?  Ie Salesforce Admin not have to manually delete records that no longer meet criteria? Thanks, Naz

Jim Riggio 1Jim Riggio 1
I am wanting to do this also.  Can this be done using a Flow?