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Account access to users

Can I restrict account access to a particular user? For e.g. I have users U1, U2, U3...... and accounts A1, A2, A3......
Can below scenario exists?

1. U1 can access accounts A1 & A2.
2. U2 can access only A1.
3. U3 can access A1, A2 & A2.

I don't want to create a groups as in sharing settings to allow access based on criteria. I want to restict access to accounts based on user and not group.
I want something like adding users to account team and only those users who exist in the account team can access a particular account.

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Jayson Faderanga 14Jayson Faderanga 14
Hi Sukhi,

What you want is possible. Set the Sharing Settings of the Account to Private. If Account team is enabled, users that part of the Account team will have the access to the Account record. To check if account is enabled go to:

Setup > Customize > Accounts > Account Teams > Settings

let me know if you have questions.
add me on skype and I can walk you through from there,