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Marcel dos SantosMarcel dos Santos 

Creating a customized community

I'm trying to create a customized Salesforce Community.

By customized I mean I want to have control not only of the the color and disposition of elements on the screen but also which elements will be displayed in each screen.

I started by implement a community using the Napili template. I tried to customize it in Site.com and was able to tweak a couple things, but couldn't find out how to add elements to the navigation bar. I want that bar to have, for instance Knowledge, Cases, Questions and Ideas. So, my question is: is it possible to customize the Napili template in Site.com or editing the css to display those elements in the Navigation bar?

If not, what are my options? Should I use Salesforce tabs + Visualforce instead? If I use that community template, will I be able to edit the pages using Site.com or only programatically?