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Workflow between objects

Hello, I'm having a combination of problems on one workflow that isn't working properly.  I have a workflow to send a time released email notification based on a checkbox in a custom object. If box is not checked, email should go out.  Checkbox is checked using a formula in the field saying that when a task is completed for that object the box will check. This works.  BUT.... when the box does get checked, the Last Modified Date does not change so for some reason my workflow rule does not recognize that the box has been checked and we are getting email notifications like crazy when we shouldn't be getting any.  Is this a problem with the checkbox? with the Last Modified Date not being changed? The time release is based on created date of custom object record so not sure why that's a problem, but workflow settings are when record is created and edited to meet criteria.  It would just be easier if we could do a workflow between two objects: my custom object and tasks.  Any advice, insight or resource would be appreciated. Thank you.
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Formula field changes do not count as edits on a record. That should be why your workflow is not working as expected.