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Custom Domain Using GoDaddy

I'm trying to point mydomain.force.com to mydomain.com 

I've update my CNAME in Godaddy but still having problems.  Anything obvious that I'm doing wrong?

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HR Integrator HavilandHR Integrator Haviland
Per this doc (https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=siteforce_domains.htm&language=en_US), the CNAME must be "www.mydomain.com.[Org ID].live.siteforce.com".

So if you want www.mydomain.com to point to Salesforce, have the "www" Host point to "www.mydomain.com.[Your Org ID].live.siteforce.com".  It will take ~5-30 minutes for Salesforce to pick it up.  Then create a Domain in Salesforce for www.mydomain.com.
Thank you very much! I'll try this soon. Thanks, Justin Justin Reese office) (424) 732-3980 direct) (424) 732-3981 justin@jrealty.org | www.jrealty.org