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Shree KShree K 

A Question about complexity of SFDC development part?

I often get asked a simple question but very hard to answer is ,what are the challenges you faced in sfdc development part ie referring to Apex classes,controllers,extensions,triggers and its related Visual force pages etc, i am new to sfdc,hence not enough experienced to give a convincing answer,i just would like to programatically work and experience the tasks,
If anyone have sometime to share your personal experiences, if possible with a short discription or code that is realted to your acheived task will be highly appreciated.
The most challenging part obviously is the multi-tenancy platform architecture and the fact that you have to work within Salesforce's rules. Sometimes you have to jump through hoops related to limits, how the language works, or how the infrastructure works that you would not have to if you were working with another language and working from stratch. However, this also one of Salesforce's strengths. Because of the basic core and limits that keep every else running working code, the platform is fast to develop on and stable. That is the careful balance between the two.