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Amit GoyalAmit Goyal 

bug in Lightning Application: Uncaught error in actionCallback : Cannot read property 'namespace__Amount__c' of null


I am creating ExpenseTracker Lightining App From the Lightning Developer Guide Summer15, When I am submit the record with Amount than its creating the record and when I am populating the other field Like Name or any than I am getting this issue.

I built this same App before with Winter15 Version that time the App were working fine but now I am getting the same exception "Uncaught error in actionCallback : Cannot read property 'namespace__Amount__c' of null" in that org too.

Please suggest some solution or cause of this issue.


Amit Goyal
Mohith Kumar ShrivastavaMohith Kumar Shrivastava
Namespace is not essential for lightning components now and previously it was needed .So some part of code from the previous releases may be irrelevant and causing issues.

All references to namespace must be removed if there is no namespace for the org .

Use the latest developer guide