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Seule Ki KimSeule Ki Kim 

Lightning App Preview too many redirects error

Hi everyone,

I'm getting too many redirects error on the page when I preview lightning apps. It was working fine until last night and I'm suddenly getting this, I tried on all different browsers Chrome, Safari, and FireFox without luck. I also tried on incognito window but it didn't help. The app from trailhead tutorial is also displaying the same error when I click preview. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Could you please let me know if you are still facing this issue or if you found a solution?
Sai Ram ASai Ram A
I am having similar issues Shashank, Can you help with this Please
My Salesforce.com Organization ID: 00D280000011G8Y (signedup from bit.ly/Lightning_QS)

Thank you
Richard CollinsRichard Collins
I am having the same issue.

It appears to be related to the "Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA)" checkbox.  By default this is turned off, but you are able to develop Lightning apps following the trailhead tutorial with it off.  When you install the unmanaged Opportunity Alert and Contacts Today apps from the appexchange, they do not appear in the list of Custom apps.  Turning this setting on is "supposed" to allow those apps to be listed, but then you end up with the redirect loop.

So there are 2 issues:

1.  You are not prevented from developing Lightning apps that work in Salesforce1, using standard compnents only, when the "Enable Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA)" checkbox is turned off.
2.  On older development orgs, turning on this setting causes the too many redirects error in the browser.  (Solution is to turn off this setting for now, but you will not see any custom components).

When I create a new development org, as of today, I do not have this issue.  It appears only with older development orgs, from the testing I have done.
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Could you please check if "My Domain" is enabled on any of the orgs having this issue?
Richard CollinsRichard Collins
I do not have it enabled for the orgs I experience the issue on.
Vicki LedajaksVicki Ledajaks
I am having the same problem while running through the Trailhead training for Lighting App Builder training. On my original DE NA15, I received the 'redirect loop' error when trying to edit or create a Lightning page AFTER enabling Lightning Components in Salesforce1 (BETA). I created a new DE as recommended on other threads, but am receiving the exact same 'webpage has a redirect loop' error in my new instance on NA34.

Turning enable Lighting Components off resolves the issue, but then I am unable to install custom components needed to complete one of the training challenges.

Please help - any known resolution or workaround to install OpportunityAlert custom component?
Amar #LightningAmar #Lightning
I was also facing the same problem but afer clearing all the browsing history and cookies, i was able to preview the lightning apps.

Hope this will help!!!