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System.CalloutException: IO Exception: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?

Hi , 
I am calling a Webservice from salesforce . 
The End point was Http earlier and worked fine. Now the endpoint URL is changed to HTTPS.
I tried changing the end point and i received this error.
So i regenerated the Apex Class files and made a call to https:// and i see the error above.

Please suggest me how can i work arround this . The Http end point no longer exist and is only Https going forward. 

ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
It should most probably be a certification issue since you are using https now. Please see if this helps: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=What-SSL-certificates-does-Salesforce-support-for-Delegated-Authentication-SSO-Apex-callouts-Outbound-Messaging-and-other-callouts-1327366399006&language=en_US