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Reports based on addition of custom field

Is it possible to build reports off the date and time that Salesforce custom fields are updated in addition to the field values, themselves? e.g., if I built a checkbox into an object, would I be able to build reports based on the dates or time that the checkbox is filled out and saved?
If you enabled Field history tracking for that field then you can able to do reporting on that history of the field

To enable Field history tracking
  • From Setup, click Customize | Object Name (Standard object) or  click Create | Objects.(For custom object)
  • Click Edit next to the name of the custom object.
  • Select the Track Field History checkbox.
    • Note - When you enable tracking for an object, be sure to customize your page layouts to include the object’s history related list.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Set History Tracking in the Custom Fields & Relationships section.
  • This section allows you to set a custom object’s history for both standard and custom fields.
  • Choose the fields you want tracked.You can select up to 20 standard and custom fields per object. 
  • Click Save.
Salesforce tracks history from this date and time forward. Changes made prior to this date and time are not included. 

Then you can able to create report on History of the particular object. For example If its Account object then History of the the field will be stored in Account History

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