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Query User Storage Usage for specific user

Hi, I wish to query the User Srorage Usage for specific user available on https://<Instatnce>.salesforce.com/setup/user/userstorageusage.jsp?id=UserID

Suggest me, how can I achieve this. 

Suraj GharatSuraj Gharat
You must have checked Salesforce REST API that provides File Storage and Data Storage information, but sadly it doesnt provide it on the basis of user.

May be you could do this by an HTTP callout to above given link and then scanning the enitre HTTP response to get your values, This is fragile though, as if the page format changes this code won't be able to find the values.
Hi Suraj,

Your response is very appreciated !!

I did Http callout to the URL but could not get the information that we are looking..

Is there any way to know that is the User has any records owned by him in all SObjects or org ?

Thank you,