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jai raj 6jai raj 6 

Trigger fires or not??

I have an object with two fields on two fields one before update trigger is there,but that user have only one field have access at that time trigger will fire or not??
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Yes Trigger will fire, Trigger will not check field level access.
Please let us know if this will help u
Hi Jai raj,
this is for sure that your trigger will fire when you will do any DML in the particular object which has trigger also it will fire based on your event on your trigger .

Second thing is that Apex code executes on System mode not user mode so will you update your field  value ,how ever your user will not able to see as he has not level of access .

you can execute the trigger and check in work bench your doubt will clear .

Let me know if it helps !!
Muthuraj TMuthuraj T

For your question, answer is YES.
For every DML, your trigger will fire it executes based on event.