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Dilyan DimitrovDilyan Dimitrov 

Lead Conversion Mapping


When I convert a lead, the standard lead fields Company and Website are automatically converted to the account fields Account Name and Account Website the way it is described in the following link https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=lead_conversion_mapping.htm&language=en.

I have a custom object with the same fields Company and Website but when converting to account the fields are not mapped to Account Name and Account Website. Please advise how exactly to map the custom object fields with the respective account fields the way it is done with the lead?

Karthik PKarthik P
Hi Dilyan,

Can you please let us know the method you have followed to convert the custom object to Account? This would help the people on this community understand your query better and respond.

Dilyan DimitrovDilyan Dimitrov


I actually found a solution to the problem by using and configuing an object convert. 
Set Up >> Develop >> Custom Settings >> Manage (link for setting ‘Admin
Setting’) and View Installed Packages >> Configure (Object Converter). By using the object converter I was able to map the necessary fields and the convertion to account is working alright so far. 
Now that I've managed to convert the fields in my custom object to account I would like to know how to update the status of the lead automatically. There is a custom field in the Lead called New Lead Status where I need to set it to 'closed' if there is account with the same company name and website. So I am checking programatically the values in the company and website fields and if there is account with the same name the one in the lead in the company or the same website I am trying to set the status of the lead to closed. 

Example: lead company = A and website = B >>> account name = A and website = B >>> change lead status to closed.
lead company = A;
lead website = B;

If((company == account.name) || (website == account.website)){
lead.newLeadStatus = 'closed';

I would like to know if this can be achieved without having to write program code.