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Koustubh KulkarniKoustubh Kulkarni 

how to change roll up summary field value based on the picklist value?

Hi i am new to salesforce, i have one custom object which have master-detail relationship with contact. I have sum roll-up summary field on contact which calculates the sum of one field viz. allocations on the child object. I have one picklist field on the child object for week. Now what i want to do is to change the value of the rollup field based on the value of week. Please tell me how to do that?
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You can't do that - you'd have to have a roll up summary per week, and specify the criteria for records to be included in the roll up based on the picklist field value.   Roll up summary values are stored in the database so they can't be based on anything that is subject to change without user action, such as the current day/week.