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Eric FarleyEric Farley 

Scheduling Add-on Advice


My company is looking to add a scheduling section into our SalesForce implentation and so I'm looking for some recommendations of add-ons that might fit our use-case and avoid custom development. 

Here's what we need:
  • Sales reps need to be able to easily create their weekly availablity. For some reps this means creating a repeating schedule that does not need to be updated regularly, for other reps this schedule will change weekly and they need to be able to easily update their availablity every week.
  • Once a rep creates their weekly schedule they should have a view that let's them easily see which blocks of time are available and which are already booked. They should also be able to book appointments into any available blocks.
  • Our call center should be able to view a global view that shows all available blocks so they can schedules inbound callers for appointments
  • The call center will need a way to filter the calendar so that they can find available appointments based on critera such as: Date, Time of day, Gender of rep, name of rep, and location.
Two possible contenders I have already idenified are Appointment Plus and Sumo, does anyone have any experience with these add-ons? Additionally any recommendations of other add-ons we haven't identifed would be great. Lastly I'd be interested in knowing what kind of development effort would be involved to modify the existing scheduling features that come out of the box to suit our needs.
Hey Eric - i have a similar need, was wondering what you eventually did?