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lavanya k 8lavanya k 8 

Overriding Standard "New" button with VF Page , without checking "Skip Record Type Selection Page" checkbox


I'm overriding standard new button on custom object . I'm overring with VF pgae, overriding should happen for few profiles and for rest of the profiles button should not be overrided.To override the button , we need to check "Skip Record Type Selection Page" checkbox, but for profiles having access to many record types we should not check the checkbox "Skip Record Type Selection Page".


Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma
Hi Laavanya,

This configuration of overriding standard new button and Skip Record Type Selection Page is Object level configuration. You could not make it vary according to profile .

In order to achieve it you could do.

1. overriding standard new button with a Visualforce Page 
2. This page should show record type section based on current user profile ( You could use custom settings to know which profiles should be shown record type select ), once user selects a record type refresh the page to show the input fields for new record
3. If profile is not to be shown the record type selection then render the sections for input field for new record

Let me know if you hae any questions.