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How to detect a record that was updated via 'Salesforce to Salesforce'?

I'm trying to connect various Salesforce orgs so that records updated in one will be updated in the others.  However, I do not want the updates to be published every time.  Each org has different ways they store data (addresses, salutations, etc.), so I'd like to create some kind of proofreading interface for records to be edited before they are submitted.

Ideally I'd like to create some kind of approval process for record updates from other orgs.  I think having a trigger that detects these outside updates and submits it to an approval process would be the best solution for this.  So there's two parts to this I need clarification on:

1.  How do I identify records coming from another org?
2.  How can I modify the record approval page so I can make edits in-line?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

Eulogio Gallo

So what I tried doing was setting up an approval process on a beforeUpdate trigger.  The record being updated in another org successfully goes into the approval process, but the record is already updated with the other org's info, before being approved.  Is there any way I can have the approval required first before the update pushes through?