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Subhrajyoti NathSubhrajyoti Nath 

Salesforce 401 questions

What will the answers to the following questions below-

1> Hiring managers at Universal containers would like a visual mechanism for determining review score outliers. Review scores are captured as a custom field on a custom Review object and can range from 1 to 10. Any review score that is >8 should be highlighted in green. Any review score that is < 4 should be highlighted in red.
How would a developer accomplish this?
a. Use custom summary formulas {@ the time of creating u need to create Summary formula and I have used summary report}
b. Use matrix reports
c. Use conditional highlighting
d. Use charts
2>. A developer need to perform an automated extract of data from Salesforce nightly at 2:00 a.m.
How would the developer accomplish this?
a. Use the Export Scheduler of the Data Loader’s GUI
b. Use the Command-line interface of the Data Loader
c. Use the Data Export service to perform a nightly extract
d. Use the Schedule Manager of the import wizard
Hitendar Singh 9Hitendar Singh 9
1: c
2: b