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doron segaldoron segal 

How to create fields in tab account based on lead information

I need some help because I have no idea what am I doing wrong.

I want to create a new field under "account" that will present me with information I filled up when I created the lead.

For example. I have the lead's first and last name. I want to create a field, in the account, that will show me that information.
( and I not talking about related list - contacts, a new field )

thank you very much

Andrew SchellAndrew Schell
Hi Doron,

Are you asking if you can create an AUTOFILL function to pull firstname or lastname into this field?
doron segaldoron segal
Hello, Schell

I think that is what I mean.
I am new in sales force and learning on the way.

Another example to make it more clear,
I have in my "leads" page a field for time and date,
I want after I convert that lead, it will show in his account page a field that is autofill with that date and time for the lead.

I tried to make a formula field. the formula syntax was good and it should have returned " lead > first name"
but every time the filed came out blank.

can you help me with that ?
thank you