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David Smith 71David Smith 71 

Can you store attachments, files, etc in external storage


Is it possible to use external storage to store Attachments? 

As a company we have large files that sales need to upload and associate documents to opportunities. We also want to save on the Salesforce storage costs.

To the sales user it would appear that the attachment is being uploaded into SFDC but behind the scenes it would saved on something like Sharepoint, or Dropbox. SFDC Links to Edit/View/Del the attachment would be redirected to do the operation on the file in external storage.

I have seen things like File Connect but it looks like it syncs with an external storage rather than use it store documents, file, attachments etc.
Pramodh KumarPramodh Kumar
You can use netdocs. which should be integrated with your org and you can able to connect as many systems you want.
Meenu sharma 10Meenu sharma 10
Hi David,
I an having same issue. Let me know if you have found solution for this.