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srikanth challasrikanth challa 

Is it possible to translate Help Text?

Hi Guys, Is there any way to translate helptext for Custom fields?
Andrew SchellAndrew Schell
Hi Srikanth, when you want to translate it... why not create a version of it in the other language?
Srikanth Challa 3Srikanth Challa 3
Hi Andrew, I did not get your suggestion. Do you want me to create helptext in English, Japaneese, Chineese, Hindi etc and display them for all Users around the worrld? but if I do so then the users will get confused right?

I am looking for something where I can display Chineese help text for Users in China, Japaneese for ppl in Japan etc.
Andrew SchellAndrew Schell
Oh, not sure on that scenario. I would think someone would have created that already seeing as how many different countries salesforce is sold in. Try your post in other areas of the forum
Gulshan DoorgahGulshan Doorgah
Setup > Translation Workbench > Translate
Choose the language to be translated.
Setup Component = "Custom Field"
Choose your custom object
Aspect = "Help Text"

Abderrahmane TRIAAbderrahmane TRIA
hi ;)