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Formula size exceeeded error


I am having 2 formulas which is holding the values of the mul ti select picklst values in it , i am trying to conacenate both the formulas in another formula field , where i am not able to save it

getting formula size char exceeded error

Kindly help me what to do in my case

Thanks in Advance
Shaijan ThomasShaijan Thomas
This limit is the same for all Salesforce editions: Maximum formula size (in bytes) when compiled: 5,000 bytes. When your formula exceeds this limit, the error message says, “Compiled formula is too big to execute (13,974 characters). Maximum size is 5,000 characters.”
Shaijan Thomas
Gouranga SadhukhanGouranga Sadhukhan

You can use apex trigger. your formula Divided in militiple part. then you write trigger to  for update in input field the you add all file in a out put field
we have a big foumula I Divided in two field f1 and f2. then i create f1_input and f2_input field.
then  I have create a trigger to populate f1_input and f2_input
.then we create another final formula field using f1_input and f2_input suppose F2_final.