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Hybrid Development with Mobile SDK

Hi ,
I am trying to solve the Getting Started with Hybrid Development Trailhead Challenge using Android Studio instead of using Android ADT plugin for Eclipse. 
I am able to create the project using Cordova , but the problem is instead of fetching Salesforce SDK plugins, cordova is fetching Java Whitlelist Plugins.
Hence, its not allowing me to complete the challenge.
It doesn't appear to be mentioned on the Hybrid module, but the Native Android module states the following:

"Android Studio is not supported in the current Mobile SDK release."

I tried for several hours myself trying to get Android Studio to work with the SDK for the native module, but gave up and used Eclipse and had no issues. Since Google is no longer supporting the Eclipse ADT plugin, I hope that it is planned to at some point in the near future to support Android Studio.
Support for Android Studio for Hybrid apps will come in the next SDK release. We've had to wait for Cordova to catch up with Android Studio.
Thanks for the update about Android Studio support.