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Zhenyu LiuZhenyu Liu 

Report running

Hi Team,

I have question about running report. In my org, I'm an admin. I created a report which want to show to the subordinate. I create a seperate folder for him. But when I login as him, he can't run my report and he has run report permission. I'm wondering is that the people in the lower position can not run the report which created by user who in the upper position? 
Not at all. I create reports for users with a lower role and profile than me all the time.

1.) Verify that he has access to the folder that stores the report.
  •     Hit "share" in the folder drop down menu
  •     Search and add the user as a viewer.
  •     Click Done, then Done again.
2.) Verify that he has access to the underlying data.
  • Make sure the user has at least VIEW ONLY permission to the object, subobject, & records
Hi Zhenyu,

Anyone can run any report created by any users if below conditions are met,

1. The report is saved into a report folder where the user have access to it (in your case, the user may not have access to the report folder and getting insufficient access error Or you have saved the report into your personal folder which no one can view it)
To move report from personal folder, go to report > customize > report properties > change the folder and save

2. User should have Read access to the underlying object on which the report was built. For example, to access reports related to opportunity, user must have access to opportunity

3. User should have access to relationship fields to access report type having multiple objects. For example, if you have a report type as A with B, and if A has lookup relation to B then user should have the field level access to the lookup field on A

Bharathimohan Ramamurthy
Salesforce For All (http://salesforceforall.blogspot.com/)
Zhenyu LiuZhenyu Liu
Thanks, those answers are really helpful. I believe the user I want to share the report doesn't have the access to the object. Actually I was creating an administritive report to him which include user name and user profile. Which object permission I need give to him, so that he could run the report?
To get acess to administrative report about users, one has to have Manage User permission at the profile or permission set level which is not recommended to provide for any user as it is a admin permission.

in this case, the appropriate solution is to schedule the report and send it to the user daily by email