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Michael Webb 15Michael Webb 15 

Need direction on creating a web to case form in Salesforce.com hosted on SF.com just for SF users.

We use Cases for our internal IT support in addition to the various customer support departments in our company.  I would like to create a tab with a form for users to be able to submit a helpdesk case for Salesforce issues.  It would be great if it could take the users login ie email address and populate that. 

I was thinking web to case, however, another department is using that, and I don't want to have to find a place to host the one html page, plus I don't want to make it pretty :-) .. Just a quick form in SF that you click on and submit it goes right to the case assigned to the specific person or queue and that is it. I will use workflow to reply and can give the users a view that shows the cases submitted by them.  What would be really cool is if I could have the view of their cases below the form!  I am assuing I could do this with visualforce, however, I don't know VF. ill try though just need a start! thank you!
Hemanth ChandraHemanth Chandra
Yes. By visual force you can create custom forms