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Bibhu PatiBibhu Pati 

Using Lightning connect Odata 2.0

Hi All,

I am trying to connect to a SAP server via lightning connect for this I have done follwoing,
1. Set up external Data source with lightning connect odata2.0
2. Given the endpoint URL (Odata service exposed by SAP NG)
3. Set up SAP end points for Auth.Provider as a Open ID connect (authorization ednpoint and token end points provided by SAP NG)
4. Set this up with Named Principal under External data source (created above) and authentication type as Oauth 2.0

But I am geting a error description as this

Can somebody please help me on this. Not able to understand what I am doing wrong here as all of the things here are configuration item in salesforce
Amit GoyalAmit Goyal
Hi Bibhu Pati,

Please refer the Lightning Connect trailhead for proper steps and visual knowledge with practical.
It will be really a nice place to get your answer step by setp for connectivity and sync.


Amit Goyal
Bibhu PatiBibhu Pati
Hi Amit, Thanks for responding, but I have already found solution to this error Thanks & Regards Bibhu Prasad Pati Consultant, Salesforce.Com [cid:image003.jpg@01D14862.0C3F87A0] Consulting & Systems Integration||M: +91 8790229977|| VOIP : 4044294252 [Description: BTE logo for email]