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Roll Up Summary custom field with derived values in filter criteria


I currently have a Master - Child relationship as follows:

Payment Schedule
            custom field of Due Date
            custom field of Balance Amount

I want to be able to have a custom Roll Up Summary field  on the Payment Schedule that only includes a Payment Balance Amount if the Payment Due Date is either today or before today, <= TODAY()

I've looked at using the Criteria filters, however this gives me a formating error when using TODAY

I've looked at using a seperate Payment Custom Formula Field that is Payment Due Date - TODAY(), but this custom filed, once set does not appear in the list of criteria that I am able to set on the RUS.

After some research, I know that you cannot seem to be able to use derived values within RUS' 

So what is the common work around? We want to be able to do some APEX coding on this new Balance To Date field as well as show it on the Payment Schedule object in real time. So I don't think Workflows is also the answer as we don't want to have to be saving all Payments on a daily basis to update if that Payment is overdue or not.


Martin Vernon
Lead Developer - Select Property Group
Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma
Hi Martin,

You can not achieve it like you mentioned it self.

There is a workaround - https://success.salesforce.com/answers?id=90630000000gsl7AAA 

This is not 100% as you need to update the every record in order to make sure solution works fine.

Alternatively you could write a Batch to rollup calcualtion, include all records which has been updated.

Nazrul AminNazrul Amin
Hi @Vita Admin.  Did you find a workable solution in the end, please?  I have a similar requirement.