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Jaan ApajalahtiJaan Apajalahti 

Deleting ContentDocuments doesn't free storage space

QUESTION: Does anyone know how to get rid of chatter images so it frees free storage space?

a) Our App loads pictures to chatter feed
b) After some use the content storage gets filled to 100%
c) We delete the contents from chatter files (UI) or through APEX code
d) The content files disappear from all views and lists
e) The file storage for the content is still full, no space was freed
f) Whole environments is jammed since nothing can be uploaded anymore
g) We have tried everything to free the space with no luck

This APEX just hides the files and leaves the storage full

delete [select id from contentDocument];

Storage is full
Storage is full
23 files according to storage report
23 files

Only one file visible. Trashcan is empty. And this is the only user in the (dev) environment and it has admin rights.
Only one file visible

Any ideas? Thanks!
Anirudh SinghAnirudh Singh

Please go to Chatter Tab and then on the left hand side click on 'Files'. Then , in the Sidebar only, click 'All Files', it is present below Files as a child link.
Here, you will find all the Files in your organization.
Delete them accordingly and your space will get free.

Please find below the Screenshot:
User-added image

Please let me know if this helps.
If yes, please mark the Question as Solved.

Thanks and Regards,
Anirudh Singh
Jaan ApajalahtiJaan Apajalahti
:( Done that, but it doesn't free the space. Content is still at 100%.
Ivo Gurtner DevIvo Gurtner Dev
It might be that the files are in the recycle bin, so you need to empty it.
Search 'Recycle bin' in App Launcher and then you have the possibility to empty it.