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Visual Workflow Date field does not allow {!$Flow.CurrentDate} + 30

Hi Anybody, who took the TrailHead. Visual Workflow challange, I am not able to change the close date of the Opportunity by adding 30 days to it.

{!$Flow.CurrentDate} + 30 does not let me save.

thanks in Advance
Siddharth ManiSiddharth Mani
Try putting it ({!$Flow.CurrentDate} + 30) in a saved Formula in the Flow (say setCloseDate or something) and use the Formula to set the date value instead. Should work!
I am having the same problem
Formula should be TODAY() +30
Greg Purcell 1Greg Purcell 1
Yes, a forumula as Siddharth suggested worked for me.

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Troy CenterTroy Center
Why did Siddarth get thumbed down. Worked fine for me. I needed parentheses. Thanks Siddarth. (troy)
Of course I bumped by Formula to ({!$Flow.CurrentDate} + 1095) = 3 years. 

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