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Metadata Migration from One Dev Org to Another Dev Org using UnManaged Package

We want to migrate metadata from One Dev Org to another Dev Org. Please let me know best way to achieve this. I have tried 3 different ways but none has worked out.
ANT Tool
Errors thrown: Because of language settings in Destination Org (It was French earlier, I changed it to English but error is shown when deploying objects related to custom buttons and links on objects)
Error thrown at deployment because VF Pages and Links present of custom object are missing.
I was trying to deploy only objects to target instance. When I deploy all metadata objects together errors are thrown about custom fields that we have created on some standard objects as well as
Some test classes failed to deploy
Errors: NameSpace(WFL) that we have used is shown against some apex classes for example WEBFLEET_SYNC is shown as WFL.WEBFLEET_SYNC. We cant use namespace in unmanaged package
So wherever we have namespace WFL being used in fields as well as classes it throws errors.
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