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Visual Workflow enhancements for picklists with Winter 2016

I currently have access to a Lightning Experience preview org and was taking a look at the Non-Lightning related enhancements to Visual Workflow regarding picklists now being available as a resource for a picklist Choice field. I have encountered two issues I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on.

1) Even though you can now select a picklist as a resource in a flow I am not able to select a default value for it like I can with other resource types. This causes a problem if you want the field in the flow to retain a value if a user re-enters the flow again at a later time to review their choices.  

2) You can save your flow with no issues if you are switched to Lightning experience, however when you click to re-open the flow and edit nothing shows in the Flow window, no screens, etc. I actually had to switch back to Classic in order to see everything. I tried with Chrome and Firefox.