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Managing record types for different profiles


I have 2 record types for a Event viz. EA, EB.
I consider 3 profiles viz. P1, P2, P3.
For P1 => EA and EB are available
For P2 => Only EA is available.

For P1, I want option to select two record types, which i consider is by default as Two record type is available for him.

For P2, as only record type is available i want no option for selection, user should directly be redirected to Record type EA

Thank you

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Krishna SambarajuKrishna Sambaraju
Go to Profile P1. Look for Record Type Settings. Click Edit on the Event Record Type Settings. From the Available Record Types select EA and EB add them to Selected Record Types and Remove any other Record Types from the selected record types. Select a default Record Type (EA or EB) and click Save. This will give the user an option to select Record Type before record creation.

Go to Profile P2. Repeat the above steps and select only the Record Type EA and remove any other record types from the selected record types. The default Record Type should be EA as there are no other Record Types selected. So when a user from Profile P2 logs in, new Event will open with the "EA" record type.

Hope this helps.