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Retrieve localized picklist values in Data Loader

I am trying to use the following SOQL query in Data Loader expecting to receive a translated Status value:
SELECT Id, Subject, toLabel(Status), CreatedDate FROM Task ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC LIMIT 5
It does not return any value for that column for this query.

Is there a way to get a translated picklist value in Data Loader?
It is in idea mode right now
Patrick Arkesteyn 2Patrick Arkesteyn 2
I can't believe what I'm seeing. This should not be an idea, it is a clear bug !
Why on earth does it work in Developer Console ? And why oh why there is no way for exporting a query result in Developer Console, to overcome this bug in Data Loader...
Patrick Arkesteyn 2Patrick Arkesteyn 2
So glad that Workbench doesn't restrict the use of toLabel :-)
Bye bye DataLoader for exporting.