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Douglas TrasterDouglas Traster 

Visualforce Checkbox updating a custom field

I have created a visual force page that includes a checkbox.  How do I go about updating a custom field on another object with the result of the vf checkbox?  True (checked) = Answer1, False(not checked) = Answer 2?

I have read about wrapping etc, but not sure if this is the correct process or not?  

Please Help!!!!!!
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Krishna SambarajuKrishna Sambaraju
Where is the Id of the record that you want to update? Are you storing the value any where on the VF page or a controller variable. If you know then you can create a method in the controller to update that object based on the checkbox.
public class someController{
	public boolean IsChecked {get; set;}
	public string recordId {get; set;}
	public someController()
		IsChecked = false;
	public pageReference updateObject()
		recordId = 'some value'; //set the id of the record to update
		objectName obj = [select Id from objectName where Id = :recordId];
		if (IsChecked)
			obj.field1__c = 'Answer1';
			obj.field1__c = 'Answer2';

		update obj;
		return null;

VF Page:
<apex:page controller="someController">
		<apex:inputCheckbox value="{!IsChecked}" onchange="update_js;"/>
		<apex:actionFunction name="update_js" action="{!udpateObject}"/>
Change the objectname and fieldnames accordingly. Hope this helps