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Lloyd RuzLloyd Ruz 

Is it possible to restrict access to a custom link based on create date?

I want to make a validation rule so that a particular custom link cannot be clicked if a contact has only been created in the last half hour.

Is this possible? I think the formula would look something like this (the parts I need help with are in bold)

AND ( (NOW() + 30 minutes) < CreatedDate), Cannot click custom link ).

Any help on this is much appreciated.
Hi Lloyd, 

Rather than implementing a validation rule. you can implement a formulafield ( containing location url ) you logic should in formula field would be like if you condition meets then you need to show this formula field image other wise it will be blank.

Here is an example:
Create a formula field - return type Text 
here would be formula
IF((yourlogic),HYPERLINK("your desired location", IMAGE("/resource/yourstaticimage", "test"),"_self"), NULL )
Please let me know in case of further concern.

SandeeP Singhal