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New notes do not appear in contacts


I am adding a NOTE to a CONTACT, and the API shows success.
But I do not see the new NOTE appearing under CONTACT.
What can this be?

SalesForce API has returned the following for Entity ID 01U000001Xb4GEIAZ: 'id' => '002U000000DNR8zIAH', 'success' => true
Could you please provide some more details to this? Are you marking notes as private? Are you creating notes with User A and trying to see it using User B? Or you are not able to see the notes for the user who created it?
Thank you for your reply. I am integrating calls generated by a IPPBX.
Each incoming call generates a lookup of the contact in SF (the current contact is found) and then adds a note ('success' => true).
1. Not marking private
2. Creating notes with API token of user admin and seeing them through user admin

Other than the initial note that was added to the contact, no new notes can be seen, even tough the SF API gives me a success.