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Jeff Young Jr.Jeff Young Jr. 

Errors 404 and 503 with Salesforce site. How to properly configure?

Good morning,

Our Salesforce Community Support site is not being indexed by Google. We recently switched to Salesoforce community. We are in the process of updating/indexing our Knowledge Base articles. We have successfully uploaded the articles, and they can be viewed by our customers.

The problem is Google is indicating our pages are not being indexed. There are two instances of this problem. The first, is the 503 errors that come directly from our Salesforce articles. When using "Fetch" or "Fetch and Render" within Google Webmaster tools, it shows our pages as "Unreachable". All of these pages are in fact viewable though. (i.e. http://support.codeware.com/s/article/928 )

The second issue is for pages that we are redirecting to our new Salesforce Knowledge Base. We use a Visualforce page for "Page not found" requests. This will look at the URL, see if it matches our previous Knowledge Base's syntax, then redirect accordingly. (i.e https://support.codeware.com/link/portal/9185/9191/Article/854/How-do-I-resolve-the-message-quot-Unable-to-start-aksfridge-quot-or-quot-Unable-to-start-hardlock-quot-when-trying-to-install-COMPRESS-INSPECT) is redirected to its respective Salesforce page (https://support.codeware.com/s/article/854)

If not, then it will show a "Page not found" page. The entries are coming back as 404. When using "Fetch" it comes back as "Not Found". When using "Fetch and Render" it shows as redirected.

We have "Allow All" in our Robots.txt file.

Please let us know if there is a better way, if you need more information or what could possible be going wrong with our current implementation.

We look forward to your response.

Thank you kindly,