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Creating a Template in SF to export Case Details to Excel

Good Morning,
    I'm trying to find a way to export Case details into an excel Templete (not all the cases collectively just for each case after the case is set up). Is there an easy way to do this? I want to be able to chose what Case Detail Fields are exported into the excel templete. It would be nice if there was a button to click on when your in the case details that just exports to the Excel Templete that I create. Any help would be much appreciated since I've tried to research this issue for a while now. 

Thanks, and have a great day! 

Case Detail
Hi Chris,

One way you could achieve this is to create a new report that uses a particular Case Id to display the fields you've listed.  On the report there is an Export to Excel button.

To make this even more convenient you can create a custom link and add it to the Case detail page.  The custom link would open the report and pass in the Id of the Case that you were viewing.  Once you're on the report you could just click Export to Excel.

There is similar thread here explains how to do this - https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F00000008nc7IAA

Hope that helps,

Chris Nichols 24Chris Nichols 24
Hi Clint,
   Thanks for the quick responce! So if I do this and create the custom link will it work when I creat a new case then click that link it will show the new case detail info, without editing the report? 

Thanks for the help! 
Yes, that's correct.  

The link will pass in the Id of the Case and the report will show the fields related to that Case without you needing to edit the report.
Chris Nichols 24Chris Nichols 24
Awesome Clint! Thanks for your help and have a great weekend out there! I'll get working on this Monday :)
Chris Nichols 24Chris Nichols 24
Hi Clint,
   Thanks again for helping me with this, I did get it up and it works great! One thing I would like to do is change the look up it so it looks good when I export into excel. Is there a way to export this/change the look before or after I export it into a excel templete that is customized? 

Thanks for your help!