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Chris ConfortiChris Conforti 

Formula on help on two formula fields (Case and Number)

Hello; I have two formula fields;
1 - "Days To Pay" - Which is a case
"RI", "7", 
"MA", "8", 
"CT", "8", 
"NH", "14", 
"ME", "14", 
"VT", "14", 
"NJ", "8", 
"NY", "8", 

2 - "Days Signed" which returns a number
IF(Date_Certified_Signed__c < TODAY(), TODAY() - Date_Certified_Signed__c , NULL)

The first formula (Picklist) returns a Text value, the second, returns a number value,
I am attempting to build a formula which will identify when the "Days Signed" number value exceeds the "Days to Pay" text value, each record.
I have had no luck and could use some help.
Thank You,

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You can wrap the Days To Pay in a VALUE() function.  VALUE will convert text to a number.

Like this:

    VALUE(Days_To_Pay__c) > Days_Signed__c