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Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar 

Issues completing Visualizing Your Data Unit

Was practicing steps on 'Visualizing Your Data Module'.  Once confident, I clicked on 'Login to Developer Org'.  However, since I was practicing on it, 'Cases by Status' named Report has been created.  Now I can not complete the challenge :( Pl. help :(
Are you getting any specify error message? You can change the name of your old report into the different name (you sholould change the Label and API name) then create a new report with the name 'Cases by Status' and complete the trailhead challenge 
Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
Thanks for responding!  The error says fields already exists.  Does not seem to be any way to fix that unless someone from Salesforce does it :(  And, I do hope that they do.  But, it is not end of the world; the main point is to learn salesforce and that I did :)
Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
Wow!  you have so many badges/points.  And, have been at it since 2011! May be you can give me some guidance how to prepare for ADM201.  I have been working on it incessantly (almost ;)  since April 2015.