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Patrick Shouse 8Patrick Shouse 8 

Winter 16 now requires users to click OK to display custom tab on login

We have an App that has a custom tab that is configured to be its default landing tab. Prior to Winter 16, when a user logged in, the custom tab was loaded as expected. Post Winter 16, Salesforce now displays this page:

You will be redirected to https://c.cs23.visual.force.com/apex/TaskList?sfdc.tabName=01r70000000Mb7O.

Click the button below to go to that page.

And the user has to click OK before the expected landing page will load.

This change in behavior seems to be directly related to the upgrade of the sandbox to Winter 16. Has anybody else seen this? How can we fix this? 
Patrick Shouse 8Patrick Shouse 8
I made a trivial change to the custom tab and saved it. The custom tab landing page now loads w/o an intervening redirect page that requires a click on OK. Go figure . . . :-/
N BragardN Bragard
I have the exact same issue since Winter 16 with most of the custom links and custom buttons that worked for years.  I tried to make a small change to one of the links to force it to be saved but I still have the same behavior. This is a pain as most of the time our users cannot see the "Ok" button on small windows as it is showing outside of the page view under Google Chrome.
Please Salesforce correct this bug ASAP!
Kyle CarriveauKyle Carriveau
Hi Patrick, 

Did you ever get this issue resolved? I am also experiencing the same issue with our custom links. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Shouse 8Patrick Shouse 8
In my case, I made a trivial change to the custom tab definition and saved it. After that the issue was resolved. Hope this helps.
Alan GuedesAlan Guedes
What was your "trivial change", Patrick?
Dimitri Van LooyDimitri Van Looy
Yes, please share your trivial change.